Sunday, January 31, 2010

Well where do I start??? UM How about Friday 29th...

OK I have not managed to blog the last few days at work, but AM shifts do that to me.. I did mean too....But...anyway..
Friday 29th Jan,
Friday was a SHIT of a day.  I did have to do a third day of table, I found the TOC manual was 5 years out of date and when I brought it to the attention of the MAnager, I was delegated the duty. THIS I  did not mind. I like to do a job I was happy to do this. BUT when I made it to EAst Hills panel, I had an incident which left a sour tast in my mouth. I was trying to do my job and the driver was trying to do his best to be an arsehole. MOST of the time I defend train crew, but this man was impossible.

I had to go into town to see the optometrist, and this had me in the city on a stinker of an afternoon..the Optometrist was lovely and when I explained my problem and my work conditions, she did every test she could think of to find a problem and she told me there is nothing wrong with my eyes, and my issues are therefore based on something else.. (YAy but Damn! I have to keep looking for the source). SHe was lovely and I do recommend her. I was walking to the station when I remembered that my car was at Campbelltown and I could NOT get the train all the way home. :(
David smsed me but I missed his train and could not give him the keys to the car. SO I was stuck on an campbelltown service and then had to drive. :(

By the time I got home I was throughly exhausted and fed up.  I had yet to pack the car and I STILL had not changed the snake cages. (UGH)

I did volunteer for the Snake show so I can get in for free... YAY! And Yingarna is entered as a display snake. Tim has agreed to display Apophis.. but if he chickens out, I will enter Lillith.  I do hope he does allow Apophis to go.

Photo from Orangetim
RAAF F/A-18 Hornet No. 75 Squadron

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  1. Not chickening out! You know Apophis loves you (he just hates David LOL!). Happy to show my boy off :)


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