And I thought the weekend was busy

After yesterday's late night, I was outta bed at 0345hrs to get the 0426hr train. I was going to photograph tankers. I made it to the train and Bob was the driver so we chatted all the way to Campbelltown. On the electric I fell asleep until I got a phone call. I met up with Tim at Marrackville, where Mick had my coffee ready. :) A tall coffee in the AM is most welcome.

A quick train ride into town and we were bathed in sweat from the ridiculous humidity. I SOOOOOO Hate this weather, you lift and arm and the sweat pours off you.

The Elisa was in port so we went to have a look at her. A flash private yacht with her own lift boats. A short stroll brought us to starbucks where we had another caffeine stop.Of course I had a scare when I left my camera at the cafe, but a man had handed it to the staff. I have never been so horribly absent minded. (And now David will yell at me.... rightly so..) I have never sprinted so fast! Still the lady behind the counter recognised  me and handed it back safe and sound.

After that nightmare, we settled unto a Woolich ferry to catch a tanker in port. The trouble is, as we got onto the wharf, the damned thing went past. Bloody ships run early when you don't want them too and then late when you are ready. Ah well. Having committed to the ferry, we had a lovely morning going past Balmain where the Tugs and the Ferries tie up. The HMAS Waterhen had an interesting assortment of ships,so all was not lost.

I wanted to catch the 1112 train direct to Picton as I was exhausted. The train was set to very cold and by the time I got to Redfern I was shivering. Upon arrival at home,David had been busy with many many loads of washing. He had also Caught the wild Blue tongue that was living in Fabian's area.
 A most impressive creature, he hissed alot and we let him go in the garden.  Being a wild one, we could not keep it. Still he was a pretty one. After all this excitement, I crashed. I needed a long uninterrupted sleep. 


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