Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Another one

I'll sleep when I'm dead. ::sigh::
Was meeting Druey, David n Troy in town. Tim was parking at my work so I waited for him to arrive. The boys got arrival shots of the ships but I had to settle for moored. That's ok. It was a beautiful but muggy day. Another greenhouse styled day.

We took a woolwich Ferry again to catch the lion river. She came in so late yesterday that I would have missed my train and Tim was at work. Disappointing.
We saw her on port, but no good shots were to be had.

I wanted to get my lens checked and so had to hike up castlereagh st to find the shop. The repair guy there said the lens were not that bad and to save money. Yay 4 honest ppl.

Dropped by the slowest mccafé ever then d wanted to see some computer shops.

My foot was swollen and sore. Most unhappy. But can't be helped.

Same train as yesterday. Yay!! David sleeping on the train ..

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