Another quiet day

Sleeping not as Dead as it has been recently but at least I got over 7 hrs rather than my usual 6.

Got Yingarna's cage cleaned.Talk about smelly!! My goodness that snake can shit. Small children make less mess. I have lined her cage with coconut husks to keep the mess under control. Also it looks better. That completes my two day cleaning job.

I was going through my receipts when I realise Derks under charged me $100 on the cage I got yesterday. SO I made the trip up there and hurled abuse (Not seriously) at her for giving me an ethical dilemma and I arranged to pay her back over two installments. ( I spent the money after I left her shop) SO she is happy. She nearly fainted when I told her. I got an extra discount and lots of hugs. Geez... I'll get a reputation for being nice at this rate :(

Spent the rest of the arvo Geosetting and playing Rockband 2

Some LBPSackboy/girls came in the mail...

Crocheted by a lady in the US, she made the hair on the sack girl look like mine. (Or how it used to look) They are adorable.  Looks like other's have similar ideas, one of which is a fat controller one..

On night shift, I have been awake too long. Rostered 10 hours tonight, but at least my relief is sleeping here so I know he will be here before 0730hrs.. yay!! Very glad my car is waiting for me at Campbelltown.

Now to email Druey the knitting pattern so his mother can make us all an army of sackboys and girls


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