busy but not busy

By Monday I had had enough.. 5 days with almost no sleep at all and I fell asleep in my chair at work. I was so comatose that a colleague could set roads and not disturb me. Hrrrmmm

I did manage to do new moo postcards and some new photo mini cards for ppl who ask for my details. I have been lucky in that a few people recently have asked but I have been without my business cards and I don't like giving my work details anyway. I was so pleased with them. I did my usually moo ones.. but decided to give Zazzle ones a go as well. Least with them I can make 20 instead of 100.

anyway. I was slightly bored Monday arvo so invited a friend to go to the pub with me. David arrived home just as I arrived at the corner so we had dinner at the imperial as well. 

The rest of the evening was spent being silly with rockband (Lego) and a reasonably early night at 1am. 

My hips are really hurting at night and this has been waking me up but at least I was in my own bed, not the floor of the locker room.

Today is my RDO. I had nothing planned but enjoyed a lovely breakfast at the cafe down the road with David and a friend. I so needed coffee. really. We did remember to Pay Joan the $40 I owed her. so Win!

Now, just drifting through the da. I am thinking of cleaning that back room.....

Early start tomorrow....

Bit if a shock that Palringo  opened on my other laptop and therefore has cause a security breach.. :( Must get that dealt with ASAP.


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