Saturday, February 20, 2010


Woke up early to arrange clothes and tickets etc for the next few days. Had errands to do which meant a flying visit to derks then feed the lizards before leaving.

I am sure I have forgotten something...maybe the soundwave ticket...I am sure I put it in the bag but have not had visual sighting yet.

Work was hectic. Not in a bad way but I did have a bad start when I delayed my starter which had a flow on effect.. #grunt

Without an iPhone I would not have survived the day.
Camera issues are a source of angst. Troy tells me that any SLR is considered a professional camera and Tim & I would have them confiscated. Pissed off. Blanket rules piss me off.
May have a solution for soundwave but I dunno if it is worth the risk to my camera. Probably not.

Peta fits into my dress.. Lol.. She said she wouldn't, but she does. Lol..

Looking forwards to ACDC but not really caring about soundwave. Only going due girldfriends insisting.

So much 4 Friday.. Sleeping at box.
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