Flat out!! I need quieter weekends

Thanks to to generousity of Ben and Druey, I had a place to stay after AC/DC. Heartfelt thank you to them and also to Tim & Robin with drove me & Peta home. Poor Tim, after being in the carpark for so long, he then drove me to the box to get my clothes, then to Panania to drop Peta off and after all that drop me at Penrith. We certainly circled the Sydney basin.

My alarm dragged my sorry arse outta bed at 0930. My brain had gone on strike, hate waking up with a severe headache. Not a hangover, it was "you have overdone it" headache.
David buggered up his train times so Druey very kindly drove him to Granville. He then dropped me at blacktown.

The police were at the station on mass and the drug detection dog was earning his keep. Whilst I stood there, 10 ppl were pulled up for questioning. How stupid are you to carry drugs to a festival. Seriously.

I finally made it to Soundwave. It was hot. No shade, the free water was broken and all the other free waters were inside the bar areas.
I had to wear a wristband to say I was over 18. Was this really nessicary? Seriously. As I approach 40, I have Been asked for id more often than ever before.

Finally found Erin and Peta in the crowds. I was wearing a D
FREE HUGS shirt and people were taking the advise. All said how nice it was to get hugs. No one took advantage and they all went away with a smile. I
One bitchy bogan said to her friend that she wanted a hug From someone "hot" but before I could be insulted, he replied to her "that's why you never get any" and promptly came for a hug. Aw.

After a few hours of boiling heat, the most accessable water ran out. All the other free water was within the bar areas. All the under 18's now had no shade & no water.
Erin and friends settled into bar 5 near stages 1&2 but after being in the sun for hours and even with Troy's migrane tablets (thanks heaps Troy!) I was sick. I had to leave and so headed home. The young people battled on.
The bus was air-conned yay!! And i managed to get a V set into town. SCORE!! By the time I got to Sydenham I was almost human. Still nausiated from my headache, but I met up with David and he bought me some pain killers.

We headed into the City for some evening magic hour shots. The pacific princess was in and she certainly sparkled in the sun. We took the last ferry of the night to Darling harbour & return. You can never be sick of travelling on the Ferry. Never. The lights of Sydney are just magic. I got some great shots of glebe island bridge and practises my low light photography. I seriously need help with it.

David bought me dinner at Kelly's and Druey turned up just in time. Of course by this time I was exhausted and David drove me home. I slept most of the way and was very surprised when we arrived home. Lol

A very busy weekend. I am looking forwards to next weekend when my snakes will be on display at the mac herps show.
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