It rained and rained and rained.

I don't mind the rain. I like the rain. It is the humid greenhouse when it is not raining. It has been horrible humid for days and I am dying...I hate hate hate summer. I am a winter baby.

Benny has joined the AHS which makes me happy as now we can display his snake at the show

Two of my babies are going to be on display. I am worried and excited. :) I how Yingarna wows people as she usually does. She is so very beautiful.
Shorter and shorter..Did nothing really today...only slept a very very short time.. fed the lizards and played Lego rockband... by then it was time to go to work. Sad really.
Lillith was out sunning today. :) Her small adult rat is goneMorning Lillith

Busy Day tomorow,it will rain, be dull and my shots will be ruined but how often does one see an NZ ship??

David is away :( Tomorrow night will be a killer. :( Hate being alone.


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