Monday, February 15, 2010

Kung Hei Fat Choi

Year of the Tiger - Origami

Today was three things.
1. Chinese New Year
2. My Wedding anniversary
3. Valentine's day

I know that I have been with D for 7 years and 4 as married.. This is a record for me. This is also cause D and I have a trust thing going and we tell each other what our plans are...He doesn't fully understand me but he is the first person to even get close.

Anyway Jeff at work allowed me to rest. This didn'treally help much as it was broken sleep and my hips were killing me. Ugh SO I woke up feeling like I had been run over.

I asked Nuts for a lift to Campbelltown but due to the traffic and people's inability to drive in the wet, I missed the Southern Highlands train by a minute. LUCKILY for me, I had realised this early and had a backup. For the price of a Chai Latte and a Banana Bread, a trusted friend came to rescue me. Otherwise I was stuck there until 0830.
As it was my anniversary, I had to get home. I had received a few offers for coffee but refused them all...Its funny how some ppl fall into your life and get accepted.. hmmm. Have to ask my goddess what she plans next.. I know she is upset I have not cleaned  my back room. You can't even feel her energy atm..oops.. I must do this soon.I will.

Pygmy lounging around

ANYWAY. Upon arrival at home, the snakes had to be fed, but none of them wanted to be hand fed.Not one snake.. Grump. Phil had come over for the feeding.. and nothing. Never work with animals...Lillith did crush a rat against his hand...and Adam fluffed about. Silly snakes.

D was dragged outta bed and we all settled into a quiet sunday watching TV, a little PS3 and lots and lots of caffeine.

D seemed to enjoy his presents and a HUGE Thanks to Evan for helping me in this endeavour, and a huge huge thank you to Phil who rounded out the day. You helped a lot.

Karen and Stu popped in on the way to Canberra, and then only stayed a while. Poor little Yingarana was called into service again,as she was the only snake without a full belly. All I heard about the SQUEE was, "I want one.." Hmm may have to hide the

I stupidly defrosted a roast beef and it was not until it was almost totally cooked when I realised that Phil was vegetarian.. **Head smack**Trouble is, I had not vegetables to make anything. ARGHH Next time I can make a zucchini pie that is nice.. I have to ask if he eats eggs....Poor Phil suffered through it. I will be more prepared next time. This is such a carnivore's household..Hope he is not too skin tomorrow.

Had to leave for work when my body is screaming for sleep. I am started to see things that are not there.. *Grump* I have HUGE bags under my eyes and my skin is turning a disturbing shade of grey.. :-( Maybe I have been zombiefied...

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