Missed yesterday

But by the time I got home, I was exhausted.

Not my usual dead sleep :-(

I started really early to catch the Stad Amsterdam, and even got lucky and caught the Europa arriving. SCORE.

Expensive breakfast at the Quay the walked to Hickson rd where the Stad Amsterdam was mored. The morning was beautiful such a change from Saturday.

Stad Amsterdam

The sailing ship left only a little late and my photography partner missed it (great Day to sleep in Drue) . He slept in, missing a perfect morning on the harbour.

Stad Amsterdam

I walked from Benelong point, via Evan's work to Central for my FCT training. Funny how the corrupt department has the gaul to tell us about avoiding being corrupt & fraudulent.
I was falling asleep and the guy next to me had to keep nudging me.
Coffee & a strawberry tart fixed me up for the second part of the lecture. I had now spent $20 on coffees...

On to today, I had a crap sleep, not Like me at all.
Bloody tossing n turning

Uploaded photos from yesterday and will tag them later.
Shipspotters web site was just pissing me off, my pics were too big, wrong size,wrong dimensions.. I gave up, Clive can have his site to himself even those my pics are sharper & brighter. ::grump::

Lizards were funny today, fighting over squash.

Mother found a wild bluetongue skink in my lounge. It's now hiding..
Off to work now, struggling to stay awake.. David met me so least he can get me off at the correct station.


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