Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Monday 8th Feb

WOW,  not only was I up way past 27 hours.... I was busy most of it. The shift ended OK and I picked up David then Evan. We met Druey,who was also just off night shift, at Watson's bay. As we arrived the first ship was spied on the horizon.

First one we saw was the HMAS Anzac

Of course as she approached the heads, the rain poured down, making 4 very sad photographers.

There was a long time before we spied the next two who came in together.

One was the HmAS Arunta which I then shot again later in the morning
HMAS ANZAC (FFH150) & HMAS Arunta (FFH151)

and the HMAS Warramunga followed her in
HMAS Warramunga
We never saw the SIrius and so headed to Garden Island to see if she had snuck in under cover of darkness.... Alas no.:(

Later in the day though my AIS feed picked her up..
Glad we didn't wait

Both Druey and I would have been dead by then

I managed to get to bed by 1330hrs...but only has a short sleep.... SO I couldn't not function by 2300hrs.. a bad sign for tomorrow's 12 hour shift...

Somewhere in the day the Young endeavour passed by...

Young Endeavour

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