Palindrome Day (01022010)

Today was very quiet. I rather enjoyed it. I virtually sat in my office chair and atte,pted to sort of over 5000 photos from the weekend. At 1837hrs... geosetter is still at 16% of saving.. **Sigh** Still when I did get off my HUGE arse...I cleaned 4 out of the 5 reptile cages, renamed Adam to Snappy Adams (Thanks Tim) Got blood on myself and then resettled all the animals again.
I am thinking Snappy Adams is show worthy... what do you all think???

Snappy Adams

He colouring is much Yellower than Eve's but not as Yellow as Yingarna. I think he will similar colouring to Steve (Evan's Snake) Funny as he was a chocolate colour when he was a few weeks old.

Lillith was stunning today


and she is now settled into her new home.


Other than that an hour in the PS3 with rockband and back to the computer.

No wonder I am so fat.. food and sitting.. :-( Need to get back to my old routine...


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