A quiet day

Was awake far too long yesterday. Photography was successful, had a guest photographer with us. Too tired to notice much and Tim & I were too late to catch the princess coming in. Doesn't really matter. :-) Tim & I do often & know the harbour.

We took a woolwich ferry to get the ships I missed yesterday. I was happy to sit on the first fleet ferry and let the harbour pass by.

The Ferry went via the Thomas st wharf which too us straight past the ferry depot & the tug wharves. Very exciting. Must do a neutral bay ferry or something just to shoot from the other side of the harbour.

We hiked around the city for me to find the lens cleaner place..but he didn't think it needed it and sent me away. Grunt. All that walking 4 nothing.

We went our seperate ways but I stayed up.. Only crashing for an hour.

The boys came over to my place where Phil joined us. We tried the Picton Hotel for dinner. The food was divine but pricey. Grog wAs prohibitively expensive.
We all piled into Phil's car for a quick trip to Tahmoor for alcohol.

The boys settled in for the night and I gave up to go to bed.


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