Rather enjoyed it - A bad day on the rails

Only got 4 and a bit hours sleep today...but at least I asleep like a corpse.
 I gave up after a while and for once I remembered to put the phone on flight mode so no one rang to erase my data.

Uploaded a few pics mostly to tease Orangetim... heehee there are a few funny pics, he is so candid in his shots.I was happy with the landscape shots but I seemed to ruin the action shots. :( Ah well.. time to pull my finger out regarding lens. Trouble is, my dream lens is $10K plus. :( Shall keep my eyes out.

Trains on the North were  blocked at signals and finally, they received the info from the box that a freight train had a loose door and that had hit the down urban.  The reaction was OMG!!
4BM4 had swinging doors and the poor urban N139 copped one in the face. The arvo was now a disaster.
Three drivers, one trainer and two trainees were on board.
(Photos above from a driver Not to be named to protect him)

After this in the blue mountains, there where three landslips. One at Wentworth Falls, one near Bell  dunno where the other one was...ANYWAY amongst all this disappearing track, an up train derailed. I was very glad to be on night shift and not travelling in peak anywhere... mind you, none of this could have been avoided. The freight accident was a bolt failure that allowed the doors to open.. the land, well shit happens and  there are no details as to why the train jumped the tracks but from the news photos, it seems to be no where it could have come off... odd. 

Too many armchair buffs at the moment. Annoying. 

I settled into a LBP game with Druey. He helped me finish the Bride level and we went on to the dog level. I really enjoyed the online play. (Thanks Drue!!) And by that time David returned home so it was dinner time and then to  work. Iam really over this greenhouse weather. Hot and sticky I don't like. If I had wanted to live in the tropics I would move there.

AC/DC tickets have arrived.... :)

My roster this month is a nightmare. AT this stage I have to go off stick every saturday. :( Not good for me as I will be losing a fortune!


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