Sleeping is for the weak...

Still operating with very little sleep.. It is gunna be only a matter of time until I have a big crash.  But I have been busy. Still with only 8 hours in 36 under my belt.... it's only a matter of time before it all gets too much

My one hour sleep yesterday ran out at 1am this morning. I fell asleep where I sat and was awoken by Matt and sent to bed. I got 4 hours. Just over.

ANYWAY Phil arrived at the box just in time as I had just stepped outta the shower. SO we set off. It was darkk when we arrived at Bennelong Point. But It gave us time to set up. 
 As usual the weather was OK until just after  dawn when the clouds came in. #Grunt

We played with lighting, with little success and watched the Tugs go out for the Rainbow River.  This tanker was bound for Woolwich. Three Tugs escorted her into the harbour.

Jyan and Darren were going to meet up with us, but Darren's Sister had a heart attack so it was cancelled. :( Poor Darren. **Hugs**
Poor Benny Ended up being bag boy retrieving all the lens as requested. THANKS BENNY!!
The heavens opened and of course the Stad Amsterdam appears at Cremorne point

After braving the weather, we packed up and walked to Georges. Phil desperately needs a new camera, and Druey , wants a new camera. Trade in for Drue's camera was as expected, probably not as high as he would like, but this does leave Phil with an option of buying a well cared for camera.... :) It will depend on the employer who cannot be named...
We then headed for Town Hall for food and to get Druey to work. Phil and I left the boys and headed for his car. I was grateful for the lift. 

Phil dropped me home so I took the opportunity to introduce him to the zoo. Yingarna was her usual charming self. :) Adam proved why he was called now Snappy Adams, but when you are as beautiful as he is, you can be bad tempered. 

As Phil, departed I same into sleep for 3 short hours before heading off to work again.. ::Sigh::


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