Thursday and Friday

Spent the night chatting.. I was busy so I did make a minor error, but as the driver was going home, he pulled up and made me aware of the error. OOps
Ah well...  The shift was otherwise uneventful. Most people drifted off to bed as per usual around 1-2am but Phil stayed up and kept me company...he is training to be a zombie...:) (edit: At 1610hrs he is still functioning at work..)

I got one hour's nap before heading out into the humidity.. Oh god how I hate Australian summers at least since I  live on the coast. The in-land summer is not so bad. Hot but dry  - nice.

Walked along the harbour foreshore, trying to see what the Woona has moved out for but nothing on the horizon or AIS. :( After seeking shelter under a tree, the only shade, Coffee was needed.

It was a blue sky so I decided to chase ships by getting the Watson's bay ferry. Managed to get a shot of the Aft of the HMNZS Canterbury and some general scenery on the harbour.

Now need to GPS data to upload to flickr.. :)

Happy to beat work ATM as now I am showered and clean and cool in my air-conditioning :) All I need now is sleep..... but nothing is perfect.


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