Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Tuesday 09th Feb

SO I woke up early... Grunt... It will be a 27hr plus day again.. :( I really have to get more sleep in a regular pattern..

Considering my sleep debt, this is not as good as it should be

Druey turned up with Ben around 10am.. I was only barely functioning...**Sigh** Love those guys but I am now going to be in serious trouble tonight. Its a shame tonight is not my table shift. :(

I took Ben to meet Phil at Derks.. We also took Yingarna as Phil has volunteered to check on the snakes when I am away. (YAY!) This is great news as I don't have to move 4 snakes or get Ben to travel by train from Penrith. Benny spent $280 which was under budget but only scrapped in due to my 10% off everything.

Yingarna was a star today, but Phil did freak her by walking too fast with her. I bought her a rat for her efforts this morning. But she had too meet some other people first.
At the Bakery where we had brekkie, she just hung over the chair arm and wouldn't let go when we had to leave.
She wowed the people at the Beauticians and then I took her home to bed.

We packed Druey's car then settled into Rockband and Guitar Hero 5. D & D moved onto Doom on the old XBOX and whilst Ben and I watched a Snake TV Show.
Thanks to Druey for doing two songs I was stuck on. YAY! I can move on.

No nap. The boys left at 1600hrs, and were lovely and dropped 20KG of sand to Tim's place. YAY! Thanks boys!!

Edited some pics.. got despondent and then left for my 12hr shift... Grunt I fond out when I arrived that it is 12 hrs on Hurstville so I need to pay attention..

Hiding from the rain

Gloster MeteorOne of my pics from Temora..


  1. It was great to see you again. Thanks for bringing Yingarna in to see me, and sorry for freaking her out.
    I like meeting new people and tell David thanks, he will know why.

  2. are you sure it David? He doesn't know why?? DO you mean Tim??

  3. Oh and welcome to my rant-oh-sphere


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