Monday, February 1, 2010

Where do I start??? part3 Sunday 31st January

Temora Day.

We could possibly have zoomed down yesterday and gotten to Temora for both days, but it was decided that yesterday's leisurely drive was the preferred option.
David got up early whilst the rest of the grou slept. I remember hearing David's voice on the phone, and then nothing.

Around 9am the household stirred into action with Tim making scrambled eggs for the group with lamb sausages. (Yummy) He had even boiled the kettle... Perfect!!

I was grateful we had the car fridge and we were on the road again but 1030. A little later than expected but it could not be helped.

Temora is less than an hour from Brushwood, so it was only a short hop across the state this time.

Temora was HOT!! 36C so I got David a hat to protect his head and we slathered on the sun screen. I still got burnt.
 I made a new friend, the old guy next to me had a 30D and a 40D with a 100-400mm canon lens, but he was more interested in my 7D and 50-500mm lens. :) As he often photographs jets, he will be better off with the 7D as it shoots fasted than either the 30 or 40D.

We had a great spot on the flight line and the rest of the day had us sucking down fluids and shooting planes.
CA-16 Wirraway and CA-13 BoomerangPhotos by Orangetim

CAC CA-13 Boomerang

At 1600hrs we stirred did some souvenir shopping and off to Sydney via Wombat. Had to go via wombat. :) Just cause.
We didn't really stop on the way home except to shoot a BM4 train heading south  and then MacDonalds at Yass.  At the hume, we FINALLY had vodafone reception. Its funny when you don't have mobile phone reception, everyone thinks you have died or are ignoring them. Not so, any carrier other than telstra 3G which I cannot afford, doesn't work in the Riverina. Or anywhere reliably off the Hume highway.

We saw a steel train as we approached Sutton's forrest and with Tim now in the driver's seat, we chased it up a side street. That down, it was plain sailing to Picton.

We arrived at Picton at 2030ish hours and Tim had to zoom off home as he still had 45mins to an hour's travel left. Poor guy.
He tells me his oldest girl was waiting up for him. Aw... :)

Mind you he left a bit of stuff at my place.... (nag nag nag nag)

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