Yawn and snake feeding day

Didn't get to bed until after the 24hr mark from the previous day's wake up time. **Groan** Hate 24hr days.
My shift today was a 10 hour one, so I didn't finished until 0800hrs. :( Walking to the train, saw heavy rain so I got soaked.I then had the hour and a bit train ride to Campbelltown all wet even my shoes.

I missed the Volendam that had come in too. :( Mind you, with the pouring rain, it would not have been worth the time.

I had the car at Campbelltown, great for not waiting 2 hours for the next train but back for someone so vague with fatigue. Least I made it home without incident.

I had this brilliant idea to straight to Derks go get a medium rat for Yingarna. THis could have waited but I went straight there, scared the wits outta Joan (Shrug I didn't mean too) rummaged through her freezer, had to go to the back room, rummage some more and finally found medium rats. I had to bag my own but was rewarded with a $2discount. YAY!

I was admiring Lillith all stretched in her cage when David got up. He helped feed the lizards and I crashed into bed. I did have sleep cycle on, but when I received a phone call, all data was lost. :( SO it seems when the application is interrupted, no data is saved. :(

Only got 5 hrs sleep but David had done the mail thank goodness so I was not required to go out again. Only did photo uploading and fed all the snakes before it was time to go to work by train. **Sigh**

Fed Lillith first and she gobbled down the small rat she had. I think she would have tackled Yingarna's Medium rat had I offered that. Adam was offered a fuzzy and a weaner but went the easy doute with the fuzzy :( Eve on the the other hand, ate her weanling.

Yingarna was surprised at the weight of her big dinner, taking a few goes at lifting the rat, but she finally got it all wrapped up and I left her to it. She won't eat when touched, but will happily eat the tree branch with you nearby.

OH!! And Dante's Inferno came....yay!! Bring in a day off so I can play it


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