And another few days pass

Grunt. Life gets too busy. I do think about blogging but then the time is gone..

Sunday 7th march

Steamfest day. I had to get up early to grab Fabian and be back in time to meet friends at "come by chance". Phil arrived first and arranged the café to fit us all in. I dragged David outta bed and soon everyone had arrived.
Tim's womenfolk seemed to have a pleasant stay in our little town and the boys went off to photgraph the train arriving but they forgot all about me at the café. Tim returned with the elder children but the others were gone a very long time.

Us with children piled into Tim's Volvo which had the eldest two very happy as they got to sit in the little seat in the boot and Cate burbled to my snake photos until she fell asleep.

We were lucky with parking in Thirlmere and tWas here that we split into smaller groups. Not much photography was to be had as the sky was horribly grey. Fabian and Jenny seemed ok but most of us were over it by 1500hrs.

Tim dropped Me and Fabian home and he didn't even forget his eggs supplied by Phil, though he did forget to give Phil his stones....

I caught the flyer as it returned from thirlmere. Only pics I got all day worth anything.

The boys arrived home in time for David to drive to work. Drue went with David but as Phil did not have a Train ticket he was stuck with me. I had to go via Mortdale to drop Fabian off and hence we were late arriving in town for the arrival of the Queen Mary 2. Managed to get a few average photos but not much else.

Ben, who has started a new job, managed to get into trouble at St Mary's and so Tim went to rescue him but needed me to tell Drue whose phone had gone flat.
Phil, Drue & I retired to Kelly's on King for a well deserved drink.

Monday 8th March

A day off. I did nothing but sleep. I don't recall anything exciting happening... Maybe it did..

I know I put clean sheets on the bed..
Found this spider in a jar... I let it loose.

Tuesday 9th March
work. Alas twas arvo shift. Missed the train by going to the Post office late. Oops this meant I had to drive.
Got all my photos renamed and got the rest of Sunday's ones uploaded.

Work was excrutiating. The time went so slowly. I went for a wall and got mowed down by bikes on the footpath. Including one motorcycle.

I got an early relief, but road tls had had the m5 a disaster area ant my 60 min trip took way over an hour. Almost 90mins.

An early night, I fell asleep watching David Attenborough.

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