Wednesday, March 17, 2010

and the darkness descends upon the land - The rambling thoughts of a confused mind

What again?? Geez...

Open Letter to my friends
Can't help it. Set off I think by today and the stream of unrealistic expectations I have in my brain. Makes you wonder what you bother some days.

Yesterday for the record, was a PJ day and a waste. I strike it from the record.

And before I rant here I have one caveat.. I was depressed BEFORE I Started drinking. SO my biggest sin is drinking whilst depressed. But Fuck you, I don't care

I fought hard for what I have and I like to think I try to protect those I love from the same mistakes but alas I cannot and they need to live their own lives and make their own serious mistakes. You all don't know everything as I certainly don't but fuck it I have been there!! Listen to my story and learn. FFS.

In other aspects I get confused with routines that change and things that were expected one week are not considered the next. How can I possibly work with that?

Drinking doesn't help. But St Patrick's day led me to Jamison's fine whiskey. PPL asking me out AFTER I drink are upsetting. Y'all coulda ASKED when I was sober.
Annoyed that those that coulda didn't and those that didn't coulda. I don't care if you think  this is about you are you think it is about someone else. Think what you like.

Be grateful for what you have, don't expect others to supply things to you or supply happiness. You deal with your own life as best you can. If a caring person chooses to buy you stuff thank then and remember they CHOOSE to. Always be grateful for the time you have with these people.

In other news Work was a waste of time. Take about fraud and corruption then invent bullshit meetings and briefings for people to drive 90mins to get too only to be sent home. Managers are great at this stupidity. No wonder the ICAC went through the Lee St ranks.

even had a day when you are drowning in a pit of dispair?? FFS People are starving.. people live on the streets and people loose their houses when neighbours blow them up.  I Have no worries and yet my brain tells me I am the most hard done by person in the world.

Can I have a new brain?

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