Wednesday, March 10, 2010

And then there was just me

Again I get the feeling I am alone in a room filled with people. Had an issue with a person here stating that any man having an affair is not at fault and the wife should look at herself for reasons as to why he did so. WTF??? Are men so shallow and easily lead that women are always at fault?? Are we THAT powerful.. puts the Goddess in a whole new light.

A bit over being angry.. I have such huge ups and downs.. its wearing on me let alone my poor husband. I am lucky in my friends as they are there for the both of us. They don't always know it but they help.

A friend's Aunt Died recently so big hugs to him and his mother. I didn't know she was in the car, I woulda got off my arse to say hello :-(


A colleague put me in a difficult position by leaving early. **Grunt**  Left me with two panels. Hate hate hate doubling up. In enough shit at worrk as it is.

Backon nights tomorrow. Brazillian wax FTW in the AM and on Friday the Haridresser YAY!!! Things I look forwards too.

Photo from the Steamfest by Gunzel412
2010-03-07_1451-39a Yvonne Robin and Tim at Thirlmere

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