Saturday, March 6, 2010

Been a few days so Catch up time

Thursday 4th March

Spent a wonderful morning with my husband. We were alone this AM as our posse were asleep and didn't wanna come into town. We so rarely shoot together nowadays usually too busy or wrong shifts.

Sunrise in Sydney

Mv Balmoral

We walked over the bridge to shoot from the north side. Not my usual haunt. I couldn't see Bradley's head from Kirribilli. David stayed on the bridge and I kept going to the point just under the bridge.
Saga Ruby Arrives in Sydney

David surprised me with breakfast at a cafe and we headed home soon afterwards and off to sleep

Grumpy sleep

. I had night shift and when I arrived at work, it was in the cart. Both the Liverpool guy and the East Hills guy amalgamated and ran leaving me a mess to tidy up. **Grunt**

Friday 5th March - PJ Day

Grunt Hate Pyjama day. I stupidly said yes to a saturday over time shift so friday became a PJ day. I stayed up from night shift so as to not waste a day.

I got the parcel  that was arranged.I know it was earlier than expected and I have to hold on to it now, but a special is just that.:) SO I have this box that I can't open, can't play with and can't pass on.. Do you realise how frustrating this is for me!???

David went to work and as twitter has been causing nothing but angst for me atm.. I abandoned the computer and Phil too me to the Local.
He brought over homemade soup and sourdough bread and some eggs for Robin. Aw.... **Hugs** Way to go in making me feel better.

A long sleep
We had two drinks as per sobriety officer's instructions and headed home. Phil was a welcome friend.:) He sent me to bed and I crashed.

Saturday 6th March

I had an uneven sleep... I woke up feeling run over. I spent the am doing photos. Before heading to work. I was supposed to collect Fabian at  1700hrs but of course now I am stuck here. I made arrangements with Inara to collect him in the early am.

looking forwards to tomorrow when both Fabian and Jenny will be watching the steam trains.

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