Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Better for me... but not for others

I have to admit... I took a sleepy tablet. Not a full on prescription one, but one the chemist suggested for one offs. It worked.. In that I slept more than 4 hrs without getting up. YAY! I have had a reasonable day. It was sad when D left for work.. I wasn't ready for him to leave. I had just made scones. Least he had a few scones before he left.

I had a errand to run and this required me to liaise with Beau. Poor Beau is not comfortable with snakes but, brave soul, he soldiered on in his task. Evan and I have wanted Womas since we first laid eyes on them. I want to eventualy breed them but today was not to be for me. The female I searched for was not there.

I plonked a woma in Beau's hands and as this type of snake is so docile, it is known as a puppy dog, Beau seemed reasonably comfortable. He didn't recoil or drop the snake. (Just as well at it is only 3 months old. Almost 4) There is hope for the boy yet.

I dropped Beau and his new pet off at Evan's and Evan invited me to share in their dinner. It was kind of him. I was ravishing and had planned a povo meal at Maccas. I delighted in his lizards as they chased the crickets around. :) Funny lizzies. Steve was hiding as he was due to shed.

I was talking to Evan when I checked the phone for the time (and stupidly I had a watch on as well, but it seems I wear watches now days just for snakes to hang off not to check time)and saw I was going to be either late or very close to time.  I shot up and had to run out leaving the boys with a mess to clean up. Sorry boys. :-( I got my 2 ft cage back from Evan as I have to move the lizards to it and move the puppy to the lizard cage. I am thinking maybe I should move Adam as he lives under a paper most of the time.hmmmm thoughts required.

Poor David had a shit day and I was very upset as I could not contact him. It seems Vodafone is not allowing my phone to ring. It goes to message bank which is most distressing also. Tim tells me he has rung to complain and got the brush off. It is not the first time we have been given a bullshit excuse and then dismissed. It is not good enough that I now depend on Palringo to send messages rather than sms.. Seriously some times sms take 8-12 hours to go through and I get doubles. AARGGHHH

Anyway.. D was harassed at work, then he missed out on something we needed due to network errors and the poor dear snapped. Trouble is, if he doesn't communicate and vanishes I always think the worse and I go mental. He knows this.. FFS Check in with me first to say  you are ok. then turn  off the phones. 

He will be happy when I get home. 

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