The do-gooders piss me off. - EX-HMAS Adelaide

SO they won a court injunction to stop the scuttling of the ex-HMAS Adelaide. David and I had made arrangements to go and see her towed out of the harbour this morning but this obviously was now cancelled. Annoyed, we decided to go and see her at her nursing home. Like most ladies awaiting death... she looked lost and forlorn. It is sad to see a proud warship reduced to a shell. There is nothing left, not a door,hatch or  plate left. Nothing to harm the marine environment.  She has been through many many inspections prior to today. SO this delay will just cost extra money. The reef would have been a place for divers in NSW to inspect and the show that was arranged for Saturday had the local businesses excited at the extra tourism. The ferry company has many $290 tickets to refund now..

SO we went to see her.
Sunrise in Sydney

Ex-HMAS Adelaide
We then walked to the nearest bus stop as David and I were both exhausted. At Martin place, we saw the largest lindt bunny you have ever seen, but the samples were only been given to pretty thin women. A scruff like me, obviously overweight was ignored. Fab. who do they think buys their products?? Not the gym bunnies.

It was a grateful woosang who sank into her car....for her husband to drive her home.

I checked on the Woma, now called Sid it seems....And the substrate I was using was too damp. SO I dried him out and then went to bed.

Something woke me up at 1500... I dunno what. David had dealt with the Avon lady. (YAY)
I spent the rest of  the arvo cleaning the old Lizard cage for Sid to move into.  Many crickets had to be caught and of course had to sterilise the cage. Sid should be happy for a while in his warm sandy cage. :-)

Dunno quite how friday will shape up. so many things up in the air.. **Sigh** I am hoping to go herping but we shall see. May just sleep the day away... :-)

Last night shift.. then 3 days off. Its funny, but when I am busy on weekends, I keep getting offered over time.


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