I have night shift for a few days

I discovered Fluidr... :) Basically flickr on black

I discovered this great shot.


 Mind you,a search for Diamond python, brings up a lot of incorrectly identified reptiles. A lot are coastals that some "Expert"  said was a diamond. The damned things look NOTHING like even a Diamond Hybrid and can in no way be mistaken for a diamond. A simple google search would identify these snakes for people.

Tim has a few pics for sale. YAY! Two are some  of my favourites.
Barry Smith Grains - Springdale
It can be purchased at Red bubble

Had to get up at 0730 to walk down for my waxing appointment. Oh how I love the all over wax. Stress reliever. Having a person fuss over you. Nothing beats it. After the past few months..I sure needed it. I think I should invest in some of their treatments. I just need cash. As it is, I need to pay the ladies $95 for today. They have given me a day's grace. **Grunt**

Tomorrow is my hair appointment to have my routes done. I KNOW She does not have my red but my grey is showing through my black so I have to do something. AND I hope she can fixt this fuzziness my hair has developed.Hate it. The colour is cool,but the cut shits me. It is fuzzy and too short.

At work atm the first night shift and with my early start, I wisely took the train to work. I think I will be incoherent in the AM

Finally found a cheap copy of The Picture of Dorian Gray. $10. I couldn't resist a day in the life of  Ivan Denisovich. Love this book. It kept me entertained on the train and I nearly missed my stop.

A friend may have been fucked over by a hairdresser.They took him on as an apprentice but after two days they has said, don't come in... All very odd. They should at least say WHY.  Hmmm


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