Monday, March 15, 2010

Oh how the days zoom by

Especially as I sleep through them.

My favourite ship has come and gone and for once I was too tired to care.  Shame as I am very lucky with her and the weather.  MY good luck ship. Ah well
Volendam In Sydney

Saturday was quiet, I did , as always slept the day away, but we went to have dinner with Phil at the Picton Hotel. The salt and pepper Squid was divine! The salad by contrast was disappointing. Looked good but the Goat's cheese over powered the whole thing. A different, more mild cheese would have been better A real shame.

Started badly. I got home at 6:30am after working Hurstville. A full on panel, I was exhausted.  I managed to get to bed by 7am and just after 10am, My mother and brother rang the door bell. Because David was up, the lounge room blinds were up and so my mother decided it was safe to visit. ARRGGHHHHH

I was literally dragged  to the shops, my mother, graciously allowed me to put a bra on. [/sacrasm]
I took them to my favourite coffee shop, I may as well have a good breakfast and great coffee if I am to appear even mildly friendly..

My brother bought his fist NEW car. Of course it is a stupid wanky BMW but he lives in Woollahra where ppl are impressed by badges. The car was a coupĂ© (!!!!!) and lowered suspension so it was HARD. Its highly curved seats were also hard and if you drove to Melbourne in this, you would have circulation problems.  I have NO idea why people think these are luxury cars. Obviously never driven in one for more than an hour. The more time I spend in them the less and less I like them. It had all the features MY lowly Subaru has... and its an Auto. UNFORGIVABLE. Auto gear boxes need to be banned. If people can't drive then don't get a license. Why make cars are stupid as the lowest common denominator. Seriously.

So after FINALLY getting home, I was wired on great coffee, so of course I  could not sleep. **Sigh**It was a stroke of luck that I was on table shift. The BIG trouble was  it was not my last night shift so my body clock was going to be outta wack. :-(

Mind you, Stuart's visit prompted me to feed all the snakes.

Phil came over as I had originally asked him to fawn over Stuart's car so I didn't have to pretend to care.  Unfortunately he arrived too late and Stu had gone, but as Phil and Tim know, my mother leaves exhausted people so after a few minutes of Twister, I managed to sleep. I left poor Phil with David in the office and I curled up in the blessed darkness of my room.

Is it Monday already?
I slept better on the floor at work than I have been at home. Oh dear. Does that mean now need to sleep on the kitchen floor??
I took David to the favoured coffee shop for breakfast. To my delight, I stopped at the post office and my art had arrived.  A photo of the farm, shot by me put on Canvas looked fantastic!  Mother will love it and I am so glad I got the X-large sized one.

After packing D off to work, I got a few hours' napping, but alas I started having nightmares again.. Its been years since I woke up in a sweaty terror. EERIE.

A quick shower and a train ride has brought me back to this office. Tomorrow a PJ day will see me waste it sleeping. No surprises.

TV Dinner..:-(

Someone on twitter posted a link to this blog about crickets. I so enjoyed it that I am posting the link below
Plagued - Laural May

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