The past few days..

I have no idea what happened Friday.. I did an arvo shift, the only thing of note was Tim came to my work to drop off Apophis.
Apophis slept the entire time and as usual no one knew he was there.

Saturday saw me an Apophis do a morning shift, and I tried to see the volendam but it all went to shit when I got blamed for something and I got called back from my break. Pissed as it was so unneccesary. Still I think I got one or two good photos. We shall see.

The arvo was spent at Minto setting up cages 4 the show. The hall was stinking hot, leaving us concerned for the temps in the display cages on the day. I was sweating the whole time and whilst Apophis waited for me, I received offers for him. I was fairly certain Tim would not part with his beloved pet so I had to refuse.
I did however get an offer I could not refuse. .... More below....


The show required me to be at the Minto Hall between 7am-9am. We arrived early and I help set up. My snakes and lizzies were put through a vet check. The indignity!! None of my animals had anything wrong except adam had sand in his heat pits. Must change his substate.
I met up with Adam for finalise a transaction, I was sure David would kill me, but this was too good and I was so SURE Robin would accept it so I took the risk of the wrath of my husband.
$100 changed hands... Adam seemed happy...

Sir Charles, Posing

The day went smoothly, I was on guard duty most of the day, Ben seemed to have a proximity radar... Everytime someone touched of of our cages, Ben would shoot off to stop them.
My two lizards sat in the corner being boring.
Tim arrived around noon and his little lizzies were put through the vet check. The vet found a defect in his little boy's jaw.. Poor lizard. Otherwise both were healthy. Poor Tim was devestated that one of his babies had a birth defect but like all of us, no one is perfect.
They settled in to the cage with my two and wowed the children. Tim's lizards were perky and sat at the door. I was surprised his two were white... Mine are dark.. Very odd.

I took Tim to show him the beardie I secured for him.. I was so sure Robin would love him, but there was that risk that she would refuse. Ah well if she said no, then I would have a beautiful centralian bearded dragon so it was not all bad.

Tim took Robin to see the dragon and asked what she thought.. She said she would love one like that.."well, guess what honey......"
I was thrilled she loved him. Phew!! But Also sad.. I loved him too but realistically I am not home often to feed animals daily.. My two lizards are a struggle for us.

They named him Charles...

The rest of the day was just general guard duty..

The rains came which brought relief from the heat.

As we were leaving, we got a call from Druey, Tim's car had been run into. FFS a perfect family day out ruined by a guy who did not have a parking brake on.
The guy lied about this and tried to say someone tried to break in.. But the car was locked. Fuckers. Park properly.
Adam (my snake) was cranky so I coped a bite.

Poor Tim.

We all went to pizza hut all u can eat then off in our seperate ways.

I had to go to newtown to be at the opera house by 4am so Evan put us up for the night.
I was exhausted.

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