Saturday, March 20, 2010

Pleasurable but tiring

I was lucky in my shift last night. I took full advantage of it. BUT of course it meant that I was up at 0430 to go home. The trains on the way home were horrible. As I planned ahead for the stupid timetable, I had my car waiting for me at Campbelltown.
There was a guy in front of me doing 80k/hr  in the 100 zone. Try as I might, I could not get around him. I saw the buffs on the photo points so I was rushing home to get my camera. BUT due to this moron, I missed the opportunity. :-(

I couldn't sleep when I got home. SO I watched the rest of Little Britian season 2. David eventually got up and to my surpirse Tim turned up around 11am to do a shopping raid at our boutique shops.. I knew he was coming to go to Derks later in the day but I was still caught off guard. **Chuckle**

We went off in search of goodies for Lizards and ladies overseas. Luckily Picton has lots of suitable shops. I saw  two great travel cups that I could use for morning shift.I was very excited and used my last $10 buying them. Tim found some goodies to post overseas.

IN sad news Joan, the lady who owns the pet store we frequent... had her pet bird killed today?? or Yesterday. I couldn't ask her as she was trying to not cry. The birdie was run over by a colleague who had come in. Poor Joan and Poor Tracey who is a lovely woman and never choose to hurt Derksy.  David tried to cheer her up but Joan was distraught and so it was futile. Still she got many many hugs.

Derksy at derks

We wandered down to the Cafe of choice ( Company) and had a fabulous coffee.. then off to the Picton Hotel for yummies. I did NOT have a beer although every fibre in my being wanted one. The nachos was nice but as the previous meal was listed as divine.. I need to go back for the salt and pepper squid again. Hmmm
 Reaally don't wanna be here at work.. I have to double back tomorrow SO I will not get home tomorrow at all until after2300hrs.. F*&*ing great.

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