Friday, March 19, 2010

a quiet few days

On Thursday I was called in for overtime to complete the SOLAR training. Of course I can't say what I thought or any details.. But FFS. A waste of time. Seriously.

After work I went into town to shoot the Crystal Symphony
Crystal Symphony

It was a lovely day and David and I spent some happy hours travelling the inner harbour.
Neutral Bay Yacht Club


I woke up at 0600or so.. I couldn't sleep anymore. I therefore spent the rest of the day watching the TV. I SO rarely watch TV. But I ended up watching Little Britian.

I was supposed to go to the Herp meeting at Campbelltown but David wanted me to go to dinner with him. So I made my way to Campbelltown. Druey picked us up and then two other friend's of David I did not know. Who there where I never found out. Not even told their names.. BUT we all had dinner at Whitto's pizza then the boys went to their Buff night where they met up with Beau and Evan. I left to walk to Sutherland to go to to work. I got the shits as the arvo shift refused to go home as they were watching a stupid ball game . The control room was empty. I SO HATE sport I am expected to do the work of 5 people aand I get no thanks and no extra money.
Fuck them.

Bring on the weekend. I may be working but at least the money will be worth the effort

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