Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Same old Same Old (I am a bad mother)

Though the evening was pleasant....

I got home and part way home, I remembered that I had left poor Adam in the mesh cage and the evening had been cold. ARGHH My baby was left in the cold. Poor thing. Just as well I had neglected to feed him. (Google that Am not gunna explain it here)
SOO as tired as I was, I rushed to the house and found him hiding under the paper desperately trying to keep warm. Trouble is the base of the cage was mesh too. At least the cage was inside and not outside. His usual cage had been cleaned and the heating on so when I lifted the snake out and nudged him to his cage, he sensed the warm cosy hide I had bought for him and he was not seen again the rest of the day.

That solved, I did a check of all the others and the lizards had discovered that the sand was heated... lol...

The lizards discovered heated sand.

I crashed into bed and slept reasonably well except for getting up at 11.. :(

The rest of the day was quietly spent. A friend came over for a natter and this passed the time happily. Of course it was all ruined by having to go to work. :(

ON Meeks Rd so a busy night.

Looking forwards to the arrival of the Saga Ruby tomorrow. Shame my photo possie will not be there.. :(

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