Friday, March 12, 2010


Back to day sleep..

I dragged my sorry arse outta Bed around 1330hrs and made my bleary way to the Hairdressers. My hair was all fuzzy and I needed to start to remove the layers and get it straight again.

She did my roots and increased the black around my face. I prefer it. It took hours as usual. No cut this time but she spent ages blow drying it straight. I will have to use a straightener until it grows out.

Dail Mugshot lol you can see how tired I am

I love the work she did in straightening.

A quiet afternoon. I should have slept but I contented myself with quiet dithering.

Had to drive to work as there are no trains home tomorrow. :-( Stupid weekend timetable.
Of course as is the way here, there was a mild blow up over last night.. Oh well. I am not here to be loved.

Now have the night ahead of me with nothing to do. Grunt, first time in a LONG time...

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