Monday, March 1, 2010

Spencer Tunik

My alarm went off at 0310hrs.. Groan..I had slept surprisingly well but my legs and feet were still sore.

I was happy I had had a shower the night before, meant I could sleep in. Sorta of. Evan kindly went with us into town to store our stuff mostly camera gear and to drive my car home. No public transport at 3am....

It's Now after 5am and we have managed to secure a seat on the grass. They were expecting 2000 people, and when we went past at 0410, the queue stretched to the rocks and a guy near david just said it stretches to past the QVB.. that is well over 10000 people. ...


We were told to undress and make our way to the opera house steps. There was a cool breeze but after my sprint to the toilet, I was warm. For once, David was cuddled up to me. The artist was disorganised and it took longer than it should to get shots. It was hilarious watching the ferries actually set a course out of circular quay, to get a close as possible to the opera house so they too could have a look.
It took roughly 2 hours to get people arranged as he wanted them. I was amazed that a man, who does this work often, was so Ill equipted to work with crowds. It didn't help that his so called helpers were not listening.

The media were everywhere and we made all three network morning shows.
I was now chilled. I headed for my clothes whilst David scored a ticket to go inside (there were only 2000) I saw A friend in the paparatzi crowd so went for coffee with him whilst I waited fir David.

Heading home now for a long arvo sleep and then off 2 work.
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