Monday, March 29, 2010

such a busy three days

that I am recuperating at work.

Yes. I am resting at work. The weekend was a blur of activity.

Friday 26th March.

Eastern Water Skink - Eulamprus quoyii
Eastern Water Dragon - Physignathus lesueurii
Tim, David and I went to Bullio to do herping. Tim fetched me from work and David joined the convoy at Picton road. The poor volvo was thrown into 4WD land...It did remarkably well.His visit was very very short. :-( Shame. There was so much more we could have hunted as the day warmed up.

We saw a dead bandy bandy. :-( It was attacked by avisitor to the park with a shovel Mind you the snake was the size of a large worm. Seems a bit of overkill using a shovel to kill a worm sized animal. Morons. More education is required and I aim to do this as often as possible.
David and I spent the rest of the day relaxing, snoozing. and swimming :-)

We slept in as we usually do. The roos were outside out bedroom. It was funny that Tim didn't see any yesterday.
Roos came a calling

Bummed around for the morning and then wandered home.

JoadjaWe decided to try to find Joadja. Joadja is a ghost town that used to mine shale.
The cliff face on the road is unstable so the rocks are littered along the road. Someone had stacked some rocks.They looked awesome so I re-stacked one that had fallen over and took photos.

On the way home David stopped for me at Joadja winery. Wonderful wine. I wanna go back and do the other wineries with Tim,Robin,  Evan and Phil. We would have a great time.

We stopped at Mittagong shopping centre where we got some shopping but still forgot the beans for the lizards. :-(

To be Continued

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