Thursday, March 25, 2010

Too tired to think

Got to bed after last night's horror busy shift at around 7am. I was woken up at 1140am... Yawn as D was leaving the house to go shoot a ship I was interested in.  I had had such a bad shift all I wanted to do was sleep but I was unable to go back to snoozing.  #grunt

I lazed around for a little while and watched the last bit of season 3 of little Britain. But like all new parents, I had to show my new pet off so I went to Derks where I knew Phil would be. He was delighted to meet the new snake. The woma is such a lovely quiet snake that he charmed Phil  with his manners and beauty.

I left home early again to go to the Sydney Herp  meeting but as usual, I had to leave after one hour. ONE DAY I will be there for a whole meeting.

So here I sit, it's after 2am.. I am so tired I feel dizzy.
I do hope tomorrow works out. I must also remember to give $80 to the Avon lady...

HMAS Adelaide was due to be towed out of the harbour today, BUT some bloody do goodershave gotten a court injunction. I am so disappointed. I have arranged this time off, I have said not to overtime and  some stupid small minded git with no education (in this matter) has fucked me up. Great. Less Nazis and more action will make this world a better place

Edit: Evan's Woma purchased at the same time is almost as cute... :-)

Wompa Python

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