Sunday, March 21, 2010


So  the guys I work with have nothing to do but bitch about me. Oh yay I am popular. [sarcasm] When will they get it in their heads that I am not here to impress THEM. I am here to do my job and go home. When they stop paying me,I will stop coming here and most likely no one will miss me, or I them. What a bunch of old women.. The trouble is, the boys are dis-respectful, rude, arrogant and selfish. So I have no problem keeping to myself.

I am upset, not by them.. but the fact I missed the Hawkesbury Herp show. It was their first one, but from reports, the prices were high. Tim and his family seemed to have a good time.

It looks like I have a long arvo ahead of me. I am gunna just write postcards.

Here is a great shot of the Russian Barge Tim and I missed. Left one day too early for either of us to make it to the harbour.

Next stop for Kendrick and Nebula is Vladivostok ... немногие креветки для вас сопрягают

Great Capture Ebroh One day you will catch me by the harbour

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