Monday, March 22, 2010

Well Shit.

I had a pleasant if rushed morning. David and I had pancakes for breakfast and we watched some recorded TV but of course I had to go to work. I was reminded at the last second to post my Herp books to the DECC (reminder people!!! You must do it by the end of April)
The traffic and the M5 as a whole was much worse than usual. I dunno if it was because my timetable was out or what but when I got to work, it all fell apart.

I was on hurstville panel and I usually pride myself on no delays in arvo peak. ALAS today was to be a disaster. The shunter sent me a late train. EVEN after I nagged him. ANYWAY I sent a train the wrong way in the confusion. SO the whole peak went down the tube.**Sigh**

I went for a very brisk walk during my break.I need to collect myself. My Mojo has left me. I probably need my holiday....

The second half of the shift has been better, but Iam still making silly mistakes. I feel like a newbie but worse.

I need to go home, crawl into bed and hide.

Lovely morning ruined by a shit day

Purple and Green
Photo by Chorazin

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