Friday, April 23, 2010

12hrs per day

I actually am an advocate of the 12hr shift. The trouble for me is, to start at 10am, I need to leave around 0730 as the traffic is beyond horrible. It's a nightmare.. even with two hours to get to the signal box, I run close to time.

Both Days I was on Sydenham.. on the first 12hr.. I had a most unusual SPAD. (Don't ask.) It was two signals opposite directions one train and one track. HAHAHAHA Had the management scratching their heads... The next day I had to clarify the NOS' report as he was not quite understanding himself.

I did my best, but as most managers take a car to work and not a train, it is hard to explain the ins and outs of track circuitry.

The rest of the first shift was a blur of activity and the second shift was much much quieter. It was interesting that 5, 5 out of 8 employees on the day shift did 12 hours on tuesday. MOST of the shift remained. Hmmm

I have not had time to turn on my computer and my friends think I am deserting them. Still, bills needed to be paid. I had managed to get behind in credit cards and phone bill.
I got $300 behind in my phone bill. I NEED my phone so this was a high priority.. The credit cards can wait. If it means I can't buy stuff I want so be it. I need to get my debt under control.

Only two weeks to holidays..

Today's 8hr shift will seems short when compared to the previous few days.

today's pic by my husband Gunzel412
2010-03-18_0815-40a Young Endeavour at Pyrmont

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