Sunday, April 18, 2010

and so the hammering continues

Night shift has been tougher than usual. The scrutiny of management is making people touchy. I am not immune but as I have kept my head down in recent weeks, I seen to be off their radar. Massive meeting are occurring. Some good.. most bad. 

BB was here on a night shift and I was able to discuss  things with him which is most unusual.  I found out things that I probably shouldn't know but I am not telling anyone. It makes me a little happier that certain things are not un-noticed. 

I was amused slightly by a driver at Liverpool who thinks he can bugger up the system. I managed to skuttle his plans. I told this story in an email to a friend.. 
I'll just post an extract.
"Odd things that occured..
1a. Told the boss boy.. Wait..
1b. Boss boy on night shift
2. Boss boy told me I could not leave the panel, so I told him to get
me water.
3. Boss boy got me water, including a cup wash.
4. Got abused by a train driver. H me wanted me to guarentee his
safety as people were throwing stuff at him. I pointed out that, I can
report the incident and maybe get security to him. But this was not
enough. He told me that he would ring ops.
I rang ops (I had to anyway) explained this driver's problem. I worked
two trains via plat 3 in the meantime. Tossing up taking the road off
him and make him await police..
Driver rang ops and abused him. Ops, being unimpressed, told me to let
him sit there.
The driver moved after 10mins. I think the guard started throwing
rocks at the driver."

that is rather sad that I find these pearls amusing. Still fun is where you find it.

We have for the most part, all been rostered 13 days and some 12hrs at that. I am not  alone in this. I have done OVER 3 weeks work in 2 weeks. And I am telling you, money does not compensate for the lost time. 

My personal life is in a little mess.... Someone slept in, causing me to stress that something had happened through the night so someone in his family..or him... It was relief when I finally heard from him. 

Another friend made me cry.. and either has no idea or just doesn't care. Still hurt by this lack of caring.

Made David upset, when I ripped him a new arsehole.. I meant a lot of what I said, some is a long time coming, but I am not proud of how I did it. I am truly sorry I upset him. 

I was tempted to offer $200-$300 for anyone who would do my shift so I could sit at the Australia Hotel for a few (A lot) Beer. The urge was overwhelming.

I don't appreciate being judged. Only two people can judge me. No one else.  Those two people know who they are. If you are not sure then it is not you. 

I am seriously considering my options. I have seen a better offer, a bit of sacrifice but maybe worth the effort. It was last time. 

I am hoping the next fortnight is better. 

Bring on my holidays. 


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