and so I commissioned the panel

My goodness...

Nuts pointed out that he had not seen any paperwork on the LPA from the old signal box.. Crap. Luckily he noticed this early enough for me to be able to compile new ones. Operations control and I worked together to get new documents written. YAY! Thanks Bernie! He also sourced permanent STNs that had been forgotten so Megan and I gathered them.

There were issues and they need an extension of 30 mins. They still were not finished by 0235hrs but that was the last possible time they had. No more. Of course branch line is still closed.
I can't go into details as that is not permitted. Censorship is alive and well in Australia.

The first trains were the works trains. Around 6 of them. And a coal train. The very first passenger service was a coast train and he a warning to be on the look out (Normal procedure) and he seems quite proud to be the very first electric train over the section.

At 4am my relief came in but I had to show him the ropes of the panel. No bloody trainers were on site or even rostered. Bloody hopeless. So both me and my relief had to self teach. Sorta proves the uselessness of the trainer position least the form it is in now.

Just after 4am.. all the tie wearers turned up to pat themselves on the back for a job well done.. **Sigh** They started to get in the way as usual.

Had a signal failure of the starter after the third freight train. One of the tie wearers was telling another about it. All incorrect but of course don't ask the blue collar worker who dealt with the issue and fixed it. :-(


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