Friday, April 30, 2010

How boring is this blog. Really. But good ship hunting

I have not blogged for a week and it has been status quo.. really the usual.. Night shift.. No sleep.. getting run down. snapping.. and then thursday...


I went into town to take photos.  I need this time just to quieten my mind.  D joined me just before 8 am. We went to stalk the Auroa Australis.

Aurora Australis
Mind you, we say the HMAS Gascoyne sailed right past our ferry. AWESOME!!
HMAS Gascoyne

We then travelled to Ashfield for D to get some stuff then returned to Campbelltown via The DCW. A great store,  spent FAR too much time drooling over a 600mm L series Prime lens.
I made David late for work. OOPS.


As I waited for D, I went to the coffee shop he recommended.  I filled in as much time there as I could but eventually got kicked out. SO I wandered. I ended up at the mall, and D joined me there. We sourced Avatar on bluray for $25 and then D took me to Harvey Norman. He purchased me a wooden Guitar for Guitar hero. Very cool

D and Tim went halves to buy Druey one as well (He has received it now)

By this time I was exhausted and then got a call from work.. can you come in tomorrow arvo,.. groan.. I was weak. I admit.. But going on holidays I need the money.

Home to wrap presents and then collapse...

Told you this was a boring blog....

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