Friday, April 9, 2010

I worried myself sick.

I woke upat 1600hrs..feeling sicker than I have in years. I am not often sick.. its so rare that David is outta practise...He is used to me being injured but not sick.. My husband did his best and even made a coffee that I couldn't swallow.. :-( He managed to get me to swallow soluble panadol..and by this time his friend from Victoria had arrived. David wanted to take him to dinner to thank him for his delivery of a printer but as I was so very ill, I was unenthusiastic. The thought of food brought on a wave of nausea. :-( My headaches are not relieved by the stuff I could take and still go to work. BUT I trundled along.

D had to pay for me even though I didn't want food. Tim (via phone )and D insisted that I try some bland food and so I found Sizzler's version of minestrone soup.  Ugh the worse soup ever. I have been spoiled with homemade soup recently and this was perfectly horrible. BUT it was food and therefore counted. I even missed all deserts and have not had coffee. (Now you know I am really sick... chuckle)

Work has been busy. I am hot then cold.. but otherwise feeling a bit better. Now If I could get rid of this headache.. I can deal.

My, Drue and Tim's last night shift for a while.Its funny we have all been on the time zone.. We may even convert Tim to the dark side...Its been good to have ppl to talk to, even at 3am... :-) When they change to different shifts I will be lonely again in the wee hours.

Well... Still busy..It has taken me a few hours to type this out.No car today has meant no side trips for sundaes.. :-( I like getting away from the madness for a few mins..

Ah well..

congestion 1
Photo taken by STH475

Ocean Globe
This  freighter was taken by Ebroh

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