Interesting two days.

After the horror two weeks of squeezing over 3weeks work into 2... I was due to let me hair down. The pressure I put myself under was getting to me. SO David and Tim joined me on a trip across the harbour. We did have a loose plan of going to North Head and so Manly was our fist stop.
Food porn
A yummy breakfast at a cafe that could not ruin a coffee more if they had tried...and we set off. As he hiked the hill we saw our bus go past the stop 5 minutes early. 5!!! FFS. So we toiled up to North head on foot. I managed to mildly twist my ankle.. GRRR a constant horror for me. I think this sort of injury is my worst fear ever. I do obsess a little over ankle injuries. They make me cringe.

Upon arrival at north head,we found the museum closed. Only open two days a week. Bummer.  AND so we started a hike back. As we approached the Quarantine station, we saw a bus pull away. AGAIN!!! ARGGHHH and so we hiked back to the ferry wharf. We saw a Naval ship leaving the heads... It was just not our day at all. Very sad making..  BUT the Collaroy was doing testing at the heads, so we watched it do donuts for a while. The harbour was beautiful.

Upon arrival at Circular Quay, we headed for a cleaning ale at the Australia Hotel. This pub sells Picton beer and I have been trying to get Tim to try our local brew for a little while. UNFORTUNATELY...a theme here that was the only thing that we wanted.. the lunch we had planned did not happen due to the stupid menu. Nothing was tempting.

The ale was nice. But they no longer sold Bock. :-( Still I dunno if  Tim would have liked the Bock.

Tim had to go and pickup Robin, so David and I waved him off and we headed home.
After a cleansing shower David surprised me by booking me in with my favourite Waxer. He knows I love to be clean and arranged my treatment. On how I love Brazilians. Nothing is better. :-) She refused to wax my legs as she tells me that my hair it too short as yet. **Grump** I have to survive with hairy legs until next week. Still I felt 1000 times better.

Phil met us at my place and took us to the George IV. Home of  Sharer's larger, the beer Tim had been drinking a few hours before
A few happy hours there and the lady served us last drinks in a plastic cup before shutting us out on the verandah.

We were taken to Phil's place where we were greeted by 18 (18!!!!!!) dogs. A moving wagging carpet of fur. EEP Very quiet inoffensive dogs.. and even some be continued


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