It's been bothering me - pondering

Southern Swan

Those of you who have been reading my blog/rant know that I have been unsatified in my career for a long while. I have reached a corner. I was rejected as a trainer, even though I am trained in teaching adults. I was OK with that.
I can't go control as I don't feel I would do that job justice. I just don't care enough. I tried inspector but again the job was chosen  for someone upper management lackey. No surprise.

SO I find myself in the market for a new challenge. DO I toss everything away? And fine a new career??? I am almost 40. Its not a good time to go making a sudden change. But I feel the urge to go and try my childhood dream career. I have seen it offered twice. Twice in the space of a week. A sign? I need to think. No chance of that in the near future.

I can't settle into my shifts. The people are as juvenile as ever.  My biggest harasser is on shift with me too. Terrific.

Tim's pic from yesterday
CA20 - 4 x Pacific National 82 Class Diesel Electric Locomotives

and Tim's vapour trail pic
QANTAS Airways Boeing 767-338


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