Monday, April 5, 2010

Night shifts again

SO last night I started more night shifts. I don't mind night shift, but the SOLAR crap is wearing us all down. The engineers are pigs.. they leave an awful mess, they take over huge spaces and make the whole complex smell of their cooking. The employer provides them with food. Trays of food. Unbelievable.

I was trapped by tonight's shift.. the panel was not supposed to be live and therefore no need to get finaly training by the trainers. Of course no trainers were rostered because the panel was supposed to be live from 0600hrs.. trouble occurred when I pointed out that the possession had to be handed back at 0200 or 0400 at the latest and this means I bring in a live panel without the updated training. I need to source the IBAs from the old box and write new overhead wiring forms, test the panel. Unhappy?? yes, can I stand up and refuse?? No. Millions of dollars go to waste and my job would be on the line if I refuse. Its just frustrating. Its rostering gone mad.

Ah well.

Least two of my friends are up with me all night. :-)

Awaiting my call to war... so far there are difficulties so it is quiet. Looks like it will be 2am before I can even start. **Sigh**

Neon Meow
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