OK now the rest of the week RIP Sutherland Signal box

LOL Not that I can remember much... Was on arvo on Monday and Tuesday. Both were Horror days. If it could go wrong it did.
Wednesday night shift was busy but was mostly business as usual

Thursday... Well.. Thursday night to Good Friday morning was a nightmare. They were closing Sutherland box.
005-09 Sutherland boxPhoto by Gunzel412
 Hunslet said it best
"The box was opened on 30/10/1939 as part of the works for the
commissioning of the then new branch railway to Cronulla, which
opened on 16/12/1939.    Back then, it received much publicity with
its modern design and power operation.

However, in more recent years, it has become tired and
run-down.   Doubtless the signallers that have worked there can
provide their operational reminiscences.

Eighty years plus has been a good life.

RIP Sutherland Signal Box."

The staff on duty were escorted off the premises at 0335hrs. 
I worked there 5 years ago. It was a great place to learn especially single line areas of control. It has a little yard and lots of trains. Despite what people said, in the forums, the interlocking was tired, it had a lot of failures and although I prefer small boxes and working alone, this signal box did not stand the test of time as the large levered boxes did. Picton box was more reliable than Sutherland. It was funny seeing this little house at the country end of Sutherland station and few people  realised its importance. 
In other sad news, my friend who was involved in the track machine derailment is off safe working. Pending investigation. Hmm I wonder what will come of it. There is no evidence of what happened until they pull the tapes.
But Information that IS in the public domain  from a person who went to the scene states this:

"Three, not one, track machines went through the catchpoint at the
down end of Caringbah station, with the first vehicle coming to a
stand well clear of the main line!   This would tend to indicate that
the vehicles were derailed at track speed and had not slowed for
presumably a red signal.   Doubtless this will be the last time (and
the only time as far as I am aware) this catchpoint has been used in
anger.   Two of the machines were rerailed yesterday and one at least
was taken back (to Chullora/Clyde?) behind an 81 class.   The
remaining vehicle was into the side ballast/dirt and certainly won't
be doing any track work on the branch,"

The complex was filled with engineers... They moved Sydenham panel twice and Hurstville panel three times. 
They took my interlocking off line by accident... Grrrr... 

I had a train on fire.. **sigh**

all in all it was tiring. I have not had a good week work wise, and the people I have been working with have been acting like children. Its wearing and I am thoroughly fed up.

Friday was nice and Quiet. Not being a Christian, it wasn't a day I understand being a holiday and having the shops closed annoys to me to death. I was invited to breakfast but David pointed out to my friend that it was most likely closed. He was right.

People have been feeling the odd need to tell me gossip about others in my work circle. Why they think I care I have no idea. AND why mdo they delight in trying to break up marriages???? FFS if it is not you involved... Butt out. 

The goddess has been the victim of malicious gossip and an email was sent to her boss. This other guy has bitten off more than he can chew....

Back at work and looking forwards to a day of not dealing with some of these people. Thank goodness some here tonight are sane..

some crappy Pics from a dark room

Sutherland Panel

Sutho Panel (part)


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