part 2

Puppies.. as drunk as I was, I was handed a puppy. Unwise and I stressed about hurting it. Poor little runt.

We made it back to  my place and continued our binge. Well.... my binge. Unwise though it was....

I did end up as sick as a dog... really and had a nervous breakdown.. I remember that much. And someone put me to bed after both boys stopped me from hurting myself or anything else.
Phil had snuckout in the AM. David was hovering over me as he does. He had pain killers and water ready.

I made it to work on tuesday. Short temptered, hangover.. but made it.
Ii had a huge fight with operations control over a safety issue. The NOS was most surprised when I continued to stand my ground. I will not budge when safety is involved.

I survived the rest of the shift with no further incident.

Now for two 12hrs shifts...

Tim @ townhall  Inside George Iv


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