Saturday, April 10, 2010

**sigh** Battling..

I needed Friday off... Mind you, I slept almost all of it.
Woke up still feeling seedy but at least I was not nauseous. I managed to get a drink of water around noon, went back to bed and next thing I knew it was after 1600hrs...

Phil had a huge amount of eggs from his ladies to give away. 3 dozen in fact, so I messaged Tim to see if Robin needed eggs. I promised to show Jen my puppy python. Sid is such a docile creature that he was perfect for Tim's eldest child to hold. Apophis is not a snake for children.

I had pick up David from his work, so Phil came with me to make sure I was alright. Thankfully Drue said he was welcome because I needed a babysitter. My head has been hurting now for two days. :-( And Yes I have taken stuff for it.

David took over the driving and took us to Tim's where Sid was met was delight from the children. Tim's kids are excellent with animals, but if course a 6yr old getting excited means poor Sid just flapped about a little bit. Sid dealt with it and I will reward him when he settles down.

We arrived late at Drue's place, But a promise to a child is important to me.. SO I had to be late.
Ben had cooked the most yummy salad things.. Very nice.. and the boys piled into the spa.. Some more natural than others.. After the thought police left, I joined them.

I was feeling the effects of my headache and the heated water turned my dull ache into stabbing pain. I had to go home.  Ben had a yummy cheesecake and I was delighted to have some of that but as my headache increased so was my need to get home. I had to return Sid to his comfy cage and buy the lizards crickets so staying was outta the question. Shame as I LOVE Ben and Drue's spare bed.. SOOOOO to be off and sick there.. I would manage...
David got us home and I had to leave the boys and go to bed.. Am sorry for being a little rude but I had overdone the day. Too much too soon


Today was a  struggle to get to work. As I am minimising my driving.. I drove to the station and took the train. NOW if my relief is late, I can still get home. Hate arvos for that one reason. our last train is so stupidly early..

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