Thursday, April 8, 2010

So help me...

I will deck someone. I really will.. Another day of being nagged at and even yelled at for apparently "Caving" in to my employer's wishes and commissioning the panel. There was an issue where I did not get my review and a commissioning should be done by a trainer, but as no trainers were rostered this night (Two nights ago) I did the bestI could and work with the Manager and Operations to get the thing running for the Tuesday peak. Am I really expected to cause millions of dollars of delays for a principle?? Really?? Will you pay my mortage and all my bills including my credit card bills??

Yeah didn't think so.

Why should people be delayed and my job put at risk so we can follow a cause. FFS.

A lot of colleagues have come to my defence but the up shot of this stress is I am going home with a headache every morning.

Operations rang and asked for me last night. I was the only one he wanted to talk to. Not Imad, not Megan.. just me... OKKAAYYY When I rang him, he just wanted to know if we recorded trains in Sutherland interlocking. WHAT!!! Anyone could have answered this question.

There are some timetable issues and so there is a train that comes to Sutherland from town. BUT  my employer have not provided points to go from the down main to platform one on the city side.. sooooo I shunted the train and then placed him on the platform he was supposed to be on. \

BOY you would have thought I derailed a train the way the boys carried on. GEEZ. At the end of the day, its my interlocking and my trains so I will run them MY way. if you wanna do it your way then take over and sit down.

Home now. Headache is pounding. Hoping my relief will kick into effect and then off to bed.

I have a ring side seat for tomorrow's (ie tonight) act..

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