Friday, April 2, 2010

so where was i??

Ah yes.. so we drove to Joadja. The town is a ghost town, now privately owned (BOO!!)
the road is extremely beautify and as I have said, there were these road stacks..

On the road to JoadjaOn the road to Joadja

I will have to return to Joadja.

On the way back, David stopped at the Joadja Winery. The oldest in the area. The wines were very yummy..Joadja winery

we also stopped at another winery but the lady would not SHUT UP. She even followed us to the door talking the whole way. **Sigh** I was not impressed with their wines but David liked the desert wine. Our next stop was the shopping centre in Mittagong.

We finally got home and after cooking a nice dinner, fell into bed for tomorrow's early start

Sunday Canberra Airport Open Day
Had a AM flight to Canberra. As usual, I was selected for a "Random" security search. **sigh** Always the way. Since I don't fit the mold...I have gotten used to it, still annoying.

We met up with Evan and Beau at the gate. The flight was mostly empty but Beau was still put at the front of the plane. Evan moved to be in front of me to take advantage of the extra space. We all had two seats to ourselves. After the hostesses queried our motives, she was happy to let us shoot what we wanted. A lovely change from the usual ANAL reaction we get.
The flight was painless and pleasingly short.

More bag searching and security measures at the Open day. **sigh** Seriously this modern paranoia drives me bats.

The day was fine until we had to wait 90mins for the 767 and get to the cockpit only to be kicked out due to a fainting woman. They didn't evacuate the plane properly and the whole thing was handled quite badly by the Qantas staff. They evacuted the front but did not tell the back to people where still flowing in. David was filthy. As was the rest of us. We has waited for so long in a queue only to be treated like dirt. Seriously.

We missed the aerobatics thanks to Qantas as well. No customer service skills at all

Evan had sourced us some Tarmac tour tickets. YAY! so after searching in vein for water (All run out) we went back to the queue for the buses I got yelled at for not being screened.. WTF?? I had been screened twice already. Self important moron. But I managed to squeeze myself to the front of the queue and snagged David's favourite seats.

I quite enjoyed the free bus. It was a blessing to be seated for a short time.

After the Airshow, which ended when they kicked us out at 1330. (yes, kicked us all out) We faced the reality of being in Canberra without transport. ARGHHH the city that prides itself on being green and sustainable, has no footpaths and little buses or taxies.
We settled at the most horrible subway in the either food business and since our feet were glued to the floor due to the spilt soft drink in the place... nutted out our options.

We ended up walking the 7.8km distance to the station. **Sigh** Not fussed about the distance, it was the heat and the fact that Canberra has no footpaths and only a few bike tracks. This city of car obsessed politicians care not for the little people.

We got to the station with plenty of time and revelled under the airconditioning.

The train was late. (Of course)

I had a great seat on the train. I was thrilled to be going home. David was talking trains to the poor long suffering lady next to him. She made the fatal mistake of asking an operational question. She was educated by the time we alighted at Campbelltown.

We were very happy to have the car waiting for us.

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